Wednesday, May 27, 2015

when in... salzburg

So the biggest development is that I think I have contracted the flu in my travels which is making things super interesting. PREP THE DAYQUIL mama. A sick child is returning home to you. But as a result, I'm also now ready to return home which is LESS THAN 48 HOURS! I'll be honeset I didn't think I would be ready but I am.

Not to say I'm not enjoying my time in Austria. But let me tell you, I finally understand why the Von Trapps fled Austria. The weather here is MISERABLE. Cold and rainy. No thank you. I'll risk the "Roman fever" with Daisy Miller and go South.

That's only a little exaggeration because Salzburg is absolutely beautiful-- nestled right between the mountains right on the river with little colored roofs and steeples peeking out into the cool mountain air. And those mountain... just stunning. There's something to say for getting out of the city and getting a little bit of nature every now and then. And here in Salzburg, we certainly got our share.

Because today we did one of the highlights of the trip- a ten mile "Sound of Music" bike tour across Salzburg and filming scenes of the movie. Maybe the Admission office should get bikes for the tour? It certainly spiced things up. And it was great-- super informative and I love a good bike ride as much as the next guy though I'm going to admit to you (and I think it was mainly my cruddy health) but I very briefly seemed to forget how to ride a bike!! But it was as easy as riding a bike again. Haha. I was the only one in the tour group to take advantage of independent opportunities to sing. Whatever- you only get to go on a Sound of Music bike tour once.

And becasue I truly don't care what people think, I went to the gardens where most of Do-Re-Mi was filmed and I just did it. I played the song and I belted it out and I marched around and twirled and danced and it was magical. Look at me all you want to losers, you'll regret not doing it someday. Because it was fun. I really felt like I was in the movie and I was confident that I was the governess of seven bratty Austrian children. If only I had the range...

Salzburg is a relatively small town. Certainly much smaller than what I've been used to. A kind of limited opportunity to window and actual shop but a true shopper can always manage and I did buy my Austrian hat and I LOVE it. I will be wearing it on the plane (mainly because it doesn't fit into my bag) but mostly because I love it. I really wanted to buy one and so, you know what, no regrets. I will now be prepared to dress for any German/Austrian theme event that I'm invited to.

My perfect day tomorrow would be pots of tea in a cafe in Vienna or another chance to take the waters of Budapest but tomorrow is my last European city. Munich. City of my airport. Cue tears.

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